No Isn’t An Answer

I wish i had never said no

I lived in japan

I was a “perfect student”

The gangs didnt like that

One gangster did though

He liked it so much

He liked me

He asked me one day

Will you be mine?

I said “sorry, but no”

That was the biggest mistake of my life

And it would be what ended it

After 44 days of hell.

They took me to their parents house

The adults knew i was being tortured

They were scared of their son

They made me stick bottles were the light doesn’t shine

And stuffed me in a freezer for hours

When i tried to escape,

They burned my legs,

And brought more bottles

I begged them to just kill me

But they refused

I’m more fun when I’m alive

After 43 days, they challenged me to a game of mahjong

They promised to set me free if i won

They didn’t

They instead

Beat me with a metal pole until i died,

And put my body in concrete

They only got 6-17 years in prison

They should’ve gotten death row

But I guess,

I shouldn’t have said no

Because honestly,

Time had never passed so slow


Hi to whoevers reading this! I based this story on the torture and kidnapping of junko furuta. This case has extreme gore so do NOT look into it if your sensitive to that kind of stuff. As soon as i saw this prompt i thought of this case for some reason, and i came up with something decent quickly! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day/night, and remember to stay safe. Love you!

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