I regret loving you.

I regret kissing you.

The moment I regretted you.

Was the moment you struck me.

You struck my heart the day we met.

You were sweet.

But kindness is deadly.

I regret falling for your tricks.

Silly rabbit tricks are for fools.

Past me was a fool.

Falling in love with you.

I regret giving you everything.

I gave you my love.

I gave you my support.

I’m return I got violence.

Violence! You said it would toughen me up.

Get me ready for the future.

There’s no future with you.

I regret staying with you.

You begged me not to leave.

You called me weak after a hit to the face.

Your the one who’s weak.

Getting on your knees and begging.

That’s pitiful.

I regret making you my first love.

That wasn’t love.

That was torture.

Seeing you get violent.

Was terrifying.

But I grew to become stronger than you.

My knowledge.

My regrets.

My lost of love for you.

I regret being with you!

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