Dear Syn, remember the day I found you? Singing, in the tree to far up for me to climb, your voice at nine was an anchor for me, I was in the sandbox playing with my cars and for a second the whole world stopped so I can hear your voice. Sweet like a bell and so serene, your voice quieted my soul. I think I loved you than.

Dear Solle. I remember. I remember your tears, I remember you begging me to come down because you weren’t allowed to climb trees and you needed me to come down to see if I was real and not imaginary. I remember the hug you held me in and your whispers that angels were real, and you found yours. Tears that hurt deeply. somehow I knew then you had my heart.

Dear Syn- remember when you left me when I was at me lowest, when all I needed was for you to see me, that car crash took everything!everything I held dear all except you, and you left me. I may be The most selfish person but I needed my angel I needed your voice to soothe my soul. I knew I loved you than because even thought you were my everything I let you go!

DearSole- it’s so unfair the cards that life has dealt you, I remember holding you and singing to your all summer. I did Everything to help you through the most desolate time in your life I Cooked for you I cleaned for you I bathed you I made love to you. my love I saw everything all of you! But did you see me? I hinder your grieving by keeping you there I didn’t let you get past the first stage of grief. I wanted so bad to help you live and breath without being In pain. I left because I in that moment in time was your crutch and I enabled and hindered. I did not soothe and heal. I knew you had my heart than because I left you and tore my soul out in the process.

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