Roses 🥀

alrite so i know a girl who will only take dead flowers .no joke she asks for them .dead roses ,dandelions lilys anything .at first ppl thought she was weird .i did to ngl .but then when i asked her why she liked dead one’s , she told me something that hurt like fuck and actually made since .

she said something like ,she liked dead roses and dead flowers bcus they were dead but pretty .she said that when things die they are usualy forgotten .she likes when boys give her a dead rose or almost dead one’s ,she puts them in a vase with water and let’s them sit their .once I even saw one come back alive ,not fully but color came back in the stym .she said people give up on things that are dyin .

she said she dont won’t to give up that easily .said shed rather die herself ,she was mad that day and said stupid things .but one think i wont forget is when she told me that when she died she wantted to be like her rose .

she wanted someone to care for her and never forget about her .

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