Shadows And Light: Traits In Flight

Amidst the realm of my personality's might,

Lies a palette of traits, both dim and bright,

In verse, I'll paint their negative hue,

Then seek the virtues they can ensue.

Overthinking, a storm in the mind's expanse,

Endless riddles, a never-ending dance,

Yet within, it births innovation's spark,

Solving problems complex, even in the dark.

Being harsh, a blade, it cuts so deep,

Yet, sharpened, it's candor, secrets to keep,

Trimming falsehoods, revealing what's true,

A tool for growth, with empathy to imbue.

Lack of self-confidence, a clouded mire,

But in its core, humility will inspire,

To listen, learn, from others I'll glean,

A path to growth, where strength can convene.

Self-criticism, like shadows that haunt,

But through its lens, improvement I'll taunt,

A mirror reflecting, a chance to aspire,

To grow and evolve, reaching higher.

Indecisiveness, a wavering plight,

In choices it hides, a maze of fright,

Yet in its embrace, patience resides,

Guiding choices, as life's tapestry unwinds.

Being jealous, a poison that seeps,

But transformed, it's admiration that peeks,

A chance to learn, from others to inspire,

Reaching for dreams, ever higher and higher.

Being greedy, an insatiable hunger,

Leaving hearts empty, torn asunder,

Yet in its transmutation, generosity found,

A chance to share, in love, to be unbound.

Envious, a shadow upon my soul,

But in its transformation, it plays a role,

To kindle motivation, a fire to aspire,

To chase one's dreams, to reach ever higher.

Too introverted, lost in solitude's trance,

Yet within, introspection may enhance,

Wisdom discovered, in the quiet retreat,

Strength from within, where thoughts can meet.

Wrath, a tempest that rages inside,

But channeled rightly, it becomes a guide,

For change and justice, it fuels the fire,

A force for good, to raise and inspire.

Pride, a trait that may blind the way,

But when humbled, it leads to a brighter day,

A noble strength, in modesty's grace,

A humble heart, in a tender embrace.

Sloth, a sin that tempts the idle path,

Yet in its stillness, we can find the math,

To rest, recharge, in life's constant race,

A moment of peace, where spirits find their place.

In these traits, both dark and bright,

Lurk the seeds of change, a hopeful light,

In transformation's dance, the key shall be,

To unlock the positives, in you and me.

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