A darkness enveloped him completely. It was not like the darkness we are all familiar with. The sort of darkness that is more grey than black. In this darkness there was no twinkling little points of light, no shaft of light through the gap where the curtains don’t quite close. There was no sliver under a door illuminating a few inches of carpet. No glimmer from a snoozing bedside alarm clock. No distant city lights glowing in the night sky and no lonely street light hanging dimly under a distant railway bridge. There was no glistening frost nor halo in the midnight fog. No lonely port light on a fishing boat tossed alone on a midnight sea.

Not only was it an absence of light, it was an absence of everything. There was no cry of a dog fox in the distance nor hoot of a far-off owl. No rustling in the bottom of a hedgerow. There was no sound of central heating pipes ticking nor of a house groaning as it settles in the night air. No footstep on the stair, no rattling pans in the kitchen. No sound of a radio quietly burbling in a room at the other end of the house. No distant traffic, nor far-off night train. No ticking clock, no pantry mouse.

He felt no sounds of breathing and no air stirred. He was neither warm nor cold. Was he clothed? He could not tell. Where was this place? The thought was there, but he could not hear it spoken in his mind and no answer arose. He tried to speak but he could neither make a sound nor feel his body. He was unable to feel. No sensations, no senses, no regret nor happiness. No weight, no movement. Nothing.

How did he come to be here? Where was here? These thoughts came and went, utterly inconsequential, without stirring the still darkness and without answers. He felt no need of an answer, he did not feel concerned. He did not feel anything. Was he dead? He did not have an answer to this, and in any case the question had floated away. Nothing happened.

Quite suddenly he was aware, although there was nothing to be aware of. It was a strange feeling after not feeling anything. Thoughts came to him and suddenly began to have form and shape. This was new. He became aware that there was movement, not a movement from place to place, not flexing or turning, but just not still. He felt heavy, very heavy. And then he felt hot. There was a massive noise, a whooshing swoosh. He felt afraid and knew he could close his eyes, so he did.

A voice said:

“Welcome to the new universe. Your old universe became too massive and consequently you reached the end of Time. There is no need for concern. Your transition is curtesy of Wormholes Plc.”

He opened his eyes to a bright, fresh and sunny day.

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