Who would think that I girl like that would go out with me. She’s so beautiful,sweet,kind, and caring. But me I’m ignorant,cocky,disobedient, and hurtful. At least that’s what I thought. She brought out the best of me. It was wonderful,I realized that if I care about something I’ll do whatever it takes. But eventually it has to come to an end.


Who would of thought that we would be perfect. She’s rude,late,hurtful, and a lair. But me I’m a changed man. But I decided to give it a shot. The longer it went on the more I hated it,the more I hated her, and the more I hated me. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t because I wanted to be loved. At least I thought she loved me. In the end decided to leave.


Who would have thought I would stay like that. I now realize that I’m just ignorant,cocky,disobedient, and hurtful. I don’t need love and I don’t need friends.

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