Let’s See Where This Goes

You say you hate me and your afraid

But I know that’s not the case.

Your braver than me

You eat the mightiest challenges with ease

So why not love me?

I promise not to break your heart

Even if you try and blow mine apart

I promise to always laugh when I fail

Even if you’re the one who put rocks on the trail

I promise to always pull down my height

Even if I don’t completely block out the light

I’ll fight with you if that’s what you want

I’ll be a prize you’ve always won.

I can’t tame you no matter how hard I try

You will always hold a piece of the sky

And I will forever love you as you fly up so high

It will be worth every snarling fight.

I only ask that you take me with you when you touch the clouds

I ask that you listen no matter how weird I sound.

I know you and you can do it.

You have goodness in you if only a lick.

I know you can and do love me

I’ll love you and still let you fly free

Because you are safe in your own hands.

No foe can stop you if you want to cross the lands

Why not try loving me back?

I swear I’m not always on the attack

What do we have to lose?

Let’s see what a future with ‘us’ will do

Let’s try and see how it goes

It might be great, who knows?

Let’s just try.

Let’s try to fall and then fly.

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