Just Keep Scrolling

I sit down for a minute

A minute turns into hours

Been scrolling and scrolling until I go cross eyed.

This person has cool hobbies,

This one is pretty.

Someone else is funny,

Another is talented.

Why do I keep scrolling, letting myself be tormented.

Let out a sigh.

Ignore all the calls.

Just keep scrolling and you’ll be fine.

This person can knit,

This one can sew,

Another is a cosplayer,

I could probably do all of this,

But instead i just sit.




Scrolling until the end.

Wanting the end sooner.

Better than wasting my life.

I need to get up.

I need to eat.

Just a little more scrolling,

Then I’ll go cook.

As long as a little is a synonym for lots.

What time is it?

11 at night?

I sat down at 2!

I’ve been scrolling for hours.

I need to just stop.

Just scroll a bit more.

Scrolling and scrolling ‘til I’m just a corpse.

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