I was in lunch and somebody tripped fell and got ketchup





Laughter rang out and I became as red as the ketchup but no one came to help. I started to stand slowly when he stuck his hand out for me. I looked up at him and took it, rising to my feet. He grabbed a napkin and helped clean it off my arms while I did my face.

Omg he’s so hot.

Why me why me why me.

At one point he caught my eye for a moment. A longgg moment.

He then took my hand and asked if he could take me to the sink to fully rinse it off.

When we got there he took his thumb and wiped the remains of it off my cheek.

He then leaned in and said

“You’ll have three seconds.”

And he kissed me. I froze. He pulled back.


“Keidiejjsz what-?”

“2…3 you didn’t slap me so then it’s ok”

And he pulled me

Into another deep kiss. And this time

I returned it.

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