Movie night Fiasco!

I walked into the house, opening the door and witnessing chaos the minute it fully opened.

“What on earth are you guys doing?” *I asked the 3 boys. The tallest one, Akira, answered calmly as always.

“They we’re fighting over some stupid movie that came out…” Akira explained, sounding very uninterested about the whole thing.

“It’s not just some stupid movie!” The other tall boy declared, “It’s one of the best movies in history!” He seemed very heated about this topic and I didn’t feel like getting involved but at the same time I felt very invested to find out more. The third boy speaks, the one closest to my height.

“Quick, Ren! Answer my question, vernon or lilith?” He quickly asked, getting all up in my face before I even had a chance to think.

“I… uh…”

“Vernon… or lilith?!” He asked again.

“Osiris, calm down and give him space! He obviously doesn’t understand what you’re talking about…” Kaston, the boy almost as tall as Akira, said.

“I know I know but I’m curious on what he’ll choose!” I was no longer interested in what they were talking about to be honest. I just wanted to get out of there, I felt genuinely scared about the whole thing. I backed up slowly.

“Look, uhm… I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Osiris but I’m sure that its a very… very… interesting movie and I’d totally go with lilith.” I said as quickly and as calmly as I could. Chuckling nervously as I got closer to the stairs leading up to my room. Akira walked right past me and up the stairs without a single word. Kaston and Osiris began to gang up on me. Kaston seemed very pissed and Osiris seemed very excited. I was confused on why their emotions were so out of wack but I didn’t dwell on it too much. I quickly turned and dashed up the stairs running to Akira room for aid. Long story short… someone was sent to the hospital. I am never letting them do movie night without mr ever again.

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