My Keyboard

When I open up a blank document on my phone or iPad, I get a small tingly feeling in my stomach. I look down at my keyboard in my lap and I smile. With the many letters, numbers, and symbols at my advantage, I can empty my mind into an entire page of words into a beautiful story like this. When I look at my keyboard, I get inspired to write, and when I do so, I have many methods of expressing my thoughts.

Typing gives me joy, a sense of freedom, a sense of purpose. Typing allows me to release any tensed emotions out of my head and use them in a story to channel out the negativity. However, typing makes me free, and I don’t normally have negativity but creativity within the thing I love the most. . . typing. When I type, I notice that my fingers move in a rhythmic pattern; swift and fast, then gentle and slow, and even firm and/or light. It is a truly magical thing in my opinion. That’s why I really love my keyboard.

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