The Untold Story

“What’s wrong, Clara?” Isaac asks as he sets down a cup of tea in front of Clara.

Clara sighs and says, “Aren’t you also worried Isaac? I know we can’t and shouldn’t stop him, but what if something happens?”

“Clara,” Isaac says with a sigh. “Is this about Felix again? I’m also worried, but you know nothing will stop him from doing what he had to do. As his friends we should just hope that he finds what he’s been looking for. All we can do is pray for his safety.” Isaac looks at Clara’s worried face. “Felix is capable of taking care of himself. He wouldn’t want us moping around because of him. And besides, we should fix up this place while he’s gone. He will be proud when he comes back.”

“If. If he comes back,” Clara says.

“You and I both know he was destined for more than this village can offer him,” Isaac says.

“I know,” Clara responds. “His journey and his destiny is one that is different from ours. Since we were young I could tell he wasn’t going to stay in the village. He’s probably going to do something that will be talked about for ages. Maybe even written down in books.”

“Maybe,” Isaac said. “I guess we’re just going to have to catch up then. We may be staying in this village, but it doesn’t prevent us from doing incredible things,” Isaac said with a smile.

Clara stood up suddenly, her mood changing completely. “You’re right, Isaac. Are you thinking what I am?”

Isaac also stood up with a smile, “I think so. I think we can restore this village back to the beauty it used to be.”

“And it all starts with getting rid of the corrupt person in charge,” Clara said.

“Be careful, there. You might be convinced of heresy,” Isaac said with a sarcastic tone.

“Oh how terrible. I will be cast away into the cold lands. Not like it makes much difference being this village where people can barely get through a winter because of the greed of one person,” Clara said with giggle.

Isaac chuckled before turning serious and saying, “You know this is not going to be easy, right? This corruption runs a lot deeper than just one person.” He knew Clara knew how serious he was. He just wasn’t sure if she knew how dangerous this was.

“I know,” Clara responded, determination in her eyes.

“Felix would be happy,” Isaac said.

“No. This is for us,” Clara said with a smile.

“For us,” Isaac mumbled. “I like the sound of that. Let’s do this!” he said enthusiastically. He was glad to see Clara like this. When Felix had left on his journey she had been down, but now she was back to her usual self. He presumed she had realized that they had different destinies and that staying in this village did not stop them from doing so.

“What are you waiting for?” Clara asked as she opened the door. “We have a lot of planning to do,” she added.

“I’m right behind you,” Isaac called as he walked over.

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