Wild Horse

One day I was taking a hike around the forest. My house was right before the big tall trees. I usually have a daily hike around the forest. But then I began to hear some noises coming from an unknown place.

As I walk towards the noise I see a white elegant horse it’s mane reminded me of bright white crystals. You could almost believe it was a unicorn if you put a horn on top. The horse was majestic.

Then there was another horse it was opposite of the white horse. It was black like the midnight sky. The coats on the horse were absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately my admiring didn’t last long. They had spotted me from a bush. They began to run off before I knew it my feet took off too. I followed the horses and eventually after a while. My breath was heavy as I slowly caught my breath.

I glance up and I see a great big waterfall that dropped into a swimming hole. There were flowers everywhere that bloomed brightly. The horses stopped and began to drink the water. I’ve been in these woods before but I’ve never seen this area. I step out from hiding and luckily the horses didn’t run this time. I was to captivated on the scene before me.

“Oh wow!” I finally spoke I looked down at the flowers I brushed my finger across the flowers. They were delicate like an egg ready to be dropped. One of the horses came up to me. I hesitantly placed my hand on the bridge of their face. I pet them their coats felt like a soft and rough texture. I smiled as I took my phone out to capture this scene. I know for sure this will be my main area to hike to.

Wild horses surrounded the area I glance around and noticed different natural colored horses around as they ate the grass. And drunk the water that came from the crystal clear water.

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