Watching In The Wings

I watch their twirls

Leaps, jumps

I watch it all

I watch their perfect body’s glide through the air

Their hair gorgeous and silky

Their faces beautiful and smooth

I remember those days

Those days when I was a dancer

When my every move could depict a story

When wrinkles didn’t define my face

And age hadn’t caught me

Making my skin look like worn leather

As they take their final bow

The audince risises

Applauds echoing through the room

I’m happy for them truly

Even though a salty tear streaks down my face

I know they feel what I once did

The adrenaline, the nerves

Everything and nothing all at once

Even though my wrinkles are scars

And my age just a shield I put up to hide the truth

I’m happy

Not for me

But for them

I’m not really sure what this poem is supposed to be about lol it’s rly up to interpretation

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