Dead In Five

Leon never wanted to take this case in the first place and he never felt more sure that it had been a mistake than at this moment with the pistol pushed into the back of his head.

The affair, the dead husband, the desparate wife, and the dame’s mad scheme to cover it up all swirled around Leon’s memories, like it was the only memories he ever had.

Leon was about to learn the hard lesson: never get involved with a woman whose cheating on a gangster, espeically if you are the cheater.

The plan of stabbing the dame’s husband then being the detective in charge of the case to cover it all up had fooled everyone expect the dead ganster’s brother, a nastier piece of work if it were possible.

Now, the next sound Leon heard over the pouring rain drenching him was the blast of a bullet blowing through the dead guy’s gangster brother, and the next thing he saw was his woman lowering her smoking gun, and the next thought he had was ‘Maybe this dame aint so bad after all.’

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