Everyone Meets Twice

In the heart of the party under the neon lights our paths crossed igniting endless nights. The glow of the street lights blinded me as you walked towards me you stumbled as you asked for my number and we spent that night in a state of wonder we wondered where we were we wondered how we met and we wondered how this could end the sky darkens your eyes light up as I see you stare at me from across the room they dart away I wonder what you saw in that moment what your heart thought what your mind felt as you turned and walked away we could have spoken then but you know the saying everyone meets twice the first is the hearts turn to flip and to spin as it sees a light and the second is the mind and body’s turn to take a step and allow the heart to reach that light

I belive everything happens for a reason and if fate decided we should meet then I won’t let that go so when I saw your eyes dart up and down and away with that tiny light behind them I knew we would meet again because everyone meets twice….

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