They Told Me To Do It

This is not right

I sit in silence

While you hold onto me tight

They way they call me in the night

Normally I’d only choose violence

But this time it was you who was in my sight

They tell me I better follow, or they just might bite

A piece of my soul and leave me in a fright

I dream and pray about defiance

But it’s true I need them in alliance

I wonder, is to late to step into the light

My sadows take the pen and rewrite

The fate that we must now recite

Now as I sit here with you through the night

You trust in me with your life

A swift cut across your neck

You never even had time to beg

I never ever wished you dead

Me or you? In the end you bled

My shadows yell, they scream, and the plead

Take this contract and you must read

This is what comes with shame and greed

You know you wanted this, it’s what you need

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