They way it hurts- God, I love the pain.

Dripping blades and wounds.

How crimson looks on stainless steel.

Black handled blades of sorrow…

I swore I’d never fall again.

Not after that first time high.

Lows fill deeper, blood overruns.

Loved how you held me close.

Whispered in my ear, kissed my neck.

Told me it would be okay, yeah?

And hell, I believed the bullshit.

A heart was opened to a beast.

Thought you’d change, you’d love.

A fool was what I was, wasted time.

Heartbreak feels so fucking good.

As long as it’s by your hand, darlin’.

I hope you’re happy, see my smile?

Touch me more, break every fucking bone.

Cut me open, break me again, please.

Stay with me and hurt me.

‘Cause heartbreak feels

so good with you…

“Where once was softness,

now had all turned to stone.”

If there ever was a better line

to describe you- I’d be damned.

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