Never Know

I think you’d be surprised

To see your picture on my phone.

To know that you mean more to me

Than I had ever shown,

To believe what you’d suspected

About how you made me feel:

Seen - in a world of people, who

Don’t even know I’m real.

I think the way light travels,

Spanning space and time,

Is the best way to articulate

How we resonate in my mind:

Although it’s not apparent

Now - I feel the warmth, so vast

As the rays of light burn brightly

From our spirits in the past.

Like a ghost who knows no boundaries,

Like footprints hidden by snow,

The echo of your voice remains:

Nowhere - except where I go.

I’m left to ponder what you’d say,

About all that I can see.

It’s only then I am aware of

How - you’re now a part of me.

© pennomoly

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