As i walk to class,

Tessa by my side,

I look at her.

She’s always kind,

She knows how to joke around

But also understands my limits

When i call myself ugly,

She says she’s the only ugly one

She doesn’t understand what i would give to be her

That’s okay.

I didnt expect her to

She understands everything else, so it’s fine

i hate when she talks bad about herself

She’s so beautiful,

i shouldn’t even be allowed near her

I realize two things;

-its time for class

-I’m falling in love

With a girl?

I thought girls could only like men

I should keep it to myself

I’ll get yelled at if i tell

“Its a sin”

I don’t get what’s wrong with it

I feel myself unable to look away from her

She’s so pretty

I can’t stand myself

She said she was straight though

She has a crush on some guy

She would never date me anyways

I’m ugly,



And so much more.

I dont know how she can stand me

But she does, i think

I hope she never finds out that i like her

It might ruin our friendship

I think i might die if i don’t have her

As i get home from class,

I call her

Someone answers; her mother

She says that Tessa’s doing something

She’ll call me later.


Two hours later she calls me.

I answer

Her camera is off

I say hi.

We talk for a bit

I decide I shouldn’t keep secrets

I tell her i like girls

I cant seem to tell her that i like her

She seems surprised, but also supportive

I’m happy

I’ve found a real friend

She accepts me

Three years later,

We’re on the same soccer team

And i score a goal, winning us the game

She hugs me and high-fives me

I feel flustered

I blush

She asks what wrong

I quickly say nothing and look away

I should tell her

I still like her.

I really do.

Even more now.

I call her when I get home

I say “what would you do if a girl liked you”

She says “i dont know”

I tell her.

I hang up and start crying

She texts me, asking if im okay

She really does care about me

I call her back

She says im probably “lesbian”

Whats that?

I search it up.

I never have felt attraction to men

Thats it.

Thats what i am

A lesbian.

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