In My Head

In the depths of shadows, a silent storm brews,

Within the confines of my mind, where darkness ensues.

Invisible to the naked eye, this battle I face,

Mental illness, depression, trauma's embrace.

The world around me paints a tapestry of concern,

Faces that claim to understand, yet fail to discern.

A cloak of empathy, fragile and thin,

Only those who've walked in these shoes can begin.

They nod their heads, offer words with care,

But a chasm remains, a gap they cannot bear.

For how can they truly fathom the depths I tread,

In the labyrinth of thoughts where I'm eternally led?

Invisible, I feel, among the sea of faces,

As if my pain is lost, floating in empty spaces.

They try to comprehend, but fall short, you see,

For this battle within resides solely with me.

The weight I carry, invisible to their sight,

A burden too heavy, a perpetual fight.

Though their intentions may be sincere and kind,

My pain feels veiled, left to linger behind.

But take solace in knowing that you're not alone,

There are others who've traveled this path, still unknown.

Through the shadows we unite, a silent camaraderie,

Understanding each other's invisible misery.

So when the world feels distant, unyielding and cold,

Remember, dear soul, your strength to behold.

For the invisible battles you face every day,

Shape the person you are, in your own unique way.

Though they may not grasp the full weight you bear,

Your resilience and courage make you rare.

Invisible no more, your voice will resound,

Empowering others on their journey unwound.

So stand tall, my friend, in your truth, undeterred,

For even in invisibility, your presence is heard.

May this poem bring solace, a flicker of light,

To the invisible warriors who fight through the night.

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