As i check my phone, I realize it’s November 17.

I start to cry.

My mother dies a year ago

I remind myself to stay strong

She’s in a better place

She wanted this

She died in a horrific way.

She drove her car into a tree at 78 MPH.

On purpose

She didn’t have many work friends

But I didn’t know she was depressed

I feel like its my fault

I never snuggled her

I never wrapped myself in her warm embrace

Instead i hid in my room

I never thought about her

I said “i love you”

But i never showed it

I walk to the bathroom

I put some water on my face

I see something

I look in the mirror, theres a message;

“It’s not your fault”

My eyes open in shock

I smile a little.

I look out the window

She’s making the sky beautiful for me


Hi! I made this story because recently I’ve released that I don’t spend enough time with my family. My mother hasn’t died, but i imagine this is how it would go if she did. Love you, and have a good day/night!

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