Dorothy The Florist.

Roses are red, violets are blue, let me take you on a journey of someone that I know.

Roses, roses, roses. Some are pink, used for gratitude and admiration.

Yellow roses, symbolise friendship. When you love someone or care for them, give a yellow rose.

Red roses, used for love and romancing.

White roses, used for love, purity and innocence. Often seen for debutant balls or weddings.

Some roses are rare, blue roses not often seen are given to lovers and symbolise mystery, secrecy and pride.

Rainbow roses are to bring joy and happiness to the receiver.

Purple colours the streets through autumn time from the jacaranda trees.

The sweet smells of lavender coming from the bushes.

Maple trees with blood orange and dark red leaves.

Through the streets as the seasons change to winter you see the beautiful maple leaves that have fallen from the trees. The brown leaves cover the streets, children jump and play in them.

But you see, all things start off green..

Monsteria leaves, palm leaves and Lilly pilly pads.

Eucalyptus, myrtle, leather leaf fern, magnolia and viburnums.

These are a few of her favourite things.

Audrey Hepburn, so beautiful with a face so delicately intricate. This fine lady reminds me of my dear friend.

Dorothy wizard of oz, often seen in red shoes. Dot a fine lady that is 91 years young.

A woman.

A dedicated wife.

A mother to two.

A grandmother.

A great grandmother.

A woman of taste, always dressed beautifully. A social butterfly, a caring woman who gave so much back to the kids in Africa.

A strong woman, one that has had life throw curve balls at her, but she still stood tall. A warrior and fighter for life.

Everyone knows her as Dorothy the florist. To some she is mumma, to others she is Dot but to me she is my mumma Dot.

Someone that I love and cherish, that I look up to and adore. She may not be blood but to me that doesn’t matter because when your heart is golden, you attract the other golden hearts.

Dorothea, Dorothy the florist. Such a woman. A woman that I strive to be.

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