Thank The Good Lord

I slammed my pen hard on my desk and rubbed my fingers against my head to see any ideas would come out. I groaned after a hot second and hung my head off the back of my chair.

“I am actually the worst author ever!” I yelled with a sigh. “Why can’t I think of anything at all!” I towed my head off the back of my chair and positioned my elbows to lay on the desktop. I finally placed my head on my hands and started to cry.

“Oh my gosh,” I started to say with a bit of a waver in my voice. “I am crying! Over my terrible book!” I wiped my tears away from my cheeks to try and stop the flow of them. “You know what!” I exclaimed picking up my pen. “I am going to finish this book! Even though I absolutely hate it!” I immediately started to write the ending. My pen never had moved faster and trust me it really hadn’t ever moved any faster. Before I knew it my book was complete. I truly had hated my book but at least now that I was done with it I could write a book I actually like. “Thank the good Lord I am done with this garbage!” I exclaimed with a laugh, ready to conquer new ideas. I knew for a fact that I was never, ever going to write another book anything like the one I had just written!

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