Sycamore Forest

The clouds hovered over them as they sped down Sycamore Road. The car engine ran as they halted to a stop in front of their camping site path. Miller didn’t have his seatbelt on and almost flew to the front seat.

“Come on man, wear your seatbelt.” Liam snapped. He didn’t want to be the cause of his injury.

“It’s all good, I’m still breathing.” Miller laughed. He was careless with his life, and he didn't care what happened to him.

“Miller you’re crazy alright.” Olivia said. She was the responsible one of the group. Always making sure everyone was safe, like a chaperon.

Xan sat there like they were annoyed with everyone. They stayed silent and got out of the car and opened the trunk. Everyone else followed them and started grabbing bags. Smiles were plastered on everyone’s faces, even Xan’s, even though theirs was just a little smirt. Liam, Xan, and Olivia went into the forest first as Miller was still grabbing bags.

A few minutes later Miller locked up the car and shut the trunk and headed towards the site. They always followed one path that consisted of rocks and twigs that if they stepped on them they crunched from the weight. There was dirt there they marked the path, even though they already knew where they were going because they’ve walked the same path almost a hundred times.

Trees hung over his head as it covered him from the blaring sun. Flowers swiftly grew on the sides of the path, it was so beautifully put together by nature. The twigs crunched under his feet as he walked. As he tried to catch up to the circle of trees they normally camped at, everything went silent. He honestly thought that he was further back then expected but within a short amount of time he made it to their usual campsite.

No one was there but a tent was half built with all the other camping gear scattered around. The food and water were trashed in the dirt. The only ones left were in the bag on Miller’s shoulders. He urgently threw the bag on the ground and began to search around the campsite. He wondered if they were just pranking him and were going to scare him.

Before he could catch his breath he recognized something in the tree bark. They were faces carved into it. It looked like his friends. Their faces looked like a mirror image down to the tiniest detail. Liam’s face was smiling like he had no worry in the world but his eyes said differently. Xan’s face looked like they were about to kill whoever it was that did this but didn’t get the chance to do it. Olivia’s face looked like she was frozen with fear, her eyes watching you wherever you stand.

He needed to get out of there. He wanted to run and get help but he didn’t know if these were his friends or if they were somewhere else. He ran back to his bag to grab the car keys but when he was up to the bag, he heard crunches behind him. He got hit in the head with something. When he woke up he couldn’t move or talk, only watch and sit still. He knew it right away. He was imprinted into the tree just like his friends. The things that did this stood in front of him laughing as they said, “Welcome to your new life.”

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