Abandoned to his fate, Xavier watched as his friends file, one by one, out of his house. Being the only boy in all of sixth grade with strict parents really sucked. Cinderella had nothing on Xavier.

“Do your jobs, Xavier!”

“Eat your vegetables, Xavier!”

“Finish your homework, Xavier!”

“Get good grades.”

“Have a life.”

“Invent time travel.”

“Jump to the moon.”

“Keep your room clean.”

Lamenting about his ‘unfair’ life was one sure way to get Xavier in trouble, though.

‘Me, me, me,’ his mother would say, ‘that is all you ever think about.’ Now he had to mow the lawn, while all of his friends got to play baseball instead.

Only one and a half more hours, he told himself, then he could join them. Picking out a playlist, Xavier donned his headphones and got to work.

Quick, but thorough, Xavier made his way through the back lawn. Rushing would do him no good, if he did not do it correctly the first time, his father would just send him right back out to do it again.

Sixty-four minutes later, Xavier finally completed his task. True to his word, he was at the ball park, playing baseball with his friends, in no time.

Unburdened after completing all of his assigned tasks, Xavier was able to stay and play with his friends for hours. Victory, sweet victory, was his. Walking home later, there was nothing but happiness dogging his steps. Xavier walked in his front door to see both of his parents smiling at him.

“You did a great job on the lawn, Son,” his father said.

“Zip along to bed now, dear,” his mother said.

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