Mochi Ice Cream

“What’s out there?

I can’t see.

I can hold myself together quite well,

When I am in this dark, chilled box.

I am whole and I am firm.

But if I am to leave this place,

The world may not keep me so cool.

I am so easily changed,

With even the gentle pressure of a finger.

It wouldn’t take much to melt me.

What would happen if I were taken outside

And the world began to melt me down?

If I became soft and started dripping

And sagging and became smaller?

Would I disappear entirely?”

I do not know what is out there,

Beyond our cold and dark box,

But I am here to protect you.

I am wrapped tight around you

Just as I always will be

To keep you firm and whole,

To preserve your shape and your chill.

I will make sure you do not melt

Or become soft and start to drip

And if warm fingers try to press down,

I will be your shield against them.

And should you disappear,

I will disappear right along with you,

Covering your softening body

As we sink into each other

And into the warmth of the world.

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