No Winning

There would be no winning. No happy ending, no golden crown. At least not for me. One way, I would loose my true love, my only chance at happiness. I would spend the rest of my life alone, living a life I never really wanted. And I would resent myself for my choice. How could I be so selfish to value my own life over his. How could I ever be truly happy, knowing that his death was my fault. But the other way, I would loose myself. I would loose all of the hard work that I’ve done to overcome this illnesses, all of the pain that I’ve gone through. It would all be for nothing. Or maybe not. Maybe I could live with the fact that he is still alive, and that’s because of me. If I could accomplish one good thing into life, that would be it.

also idk how to end it so just pretend I have a good ending

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