I woke up with that dream again. Vague, comforting, but…restricting at the same time. I get this tingling sensation whenever I see that face. It’s too hard to see the detail and structure, so I can’t tell who it is, but it gives an aura of…familiarity.

I stretch until I catch a cramp in my calf. Ugh. I always do that. My cold feet touches my hardwood floors as I go up to greet my best friend. He wants a treat, so I give him his toy for the time being while I fill up his food and water for the day.

The dream hasn’t left my thought. It’s almost nagging, never leaving the back of my mind. I shake my head, as I refuse it to bring down my mood. It’s the last day of training, and I can’t mess up. My life depends on it now.

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