I Just Want Her To Be Safe.

Talia placed her fingers over the man’s wound, light glowing out of them as she gently passed her hand on the injury, closing it. Not even a scar is left.

“ There, done! You shouldn’t feel any pain, it wasn’t very deep. “

The man nods, and exits the room, thanking Talia.

“ You have to stop this Talia. You can’t keep killing people for him. For the white rose. “

Jack says. He’s not really there, he’s dead. He was one of the victims, but his spirit lies close to her. Always.

“ I have to. I have no choice… he keeps threatening me. “

“ Cant you just leave town or something? “

“ Jack, you know well what’s going to happen if I stop. You know I never wanted this. Now go away, please. “

Jack paces around the room. He sits on the armchair.

Talia let’s put a sigh. He was right though. She couldn’t keep doing this, she just couldn’t. She doesn’t have the strength too. A small tear slides down her cheek.

“ I never wanted this. But then they took my sister, and… they said if I didn’t use my dark magic to ‘ heal ‘ wounds, they’ll kill her.

I can’t get out of this, Jack. I don’t even know what to do. My own magic is consuming me… ”

“ What do you mean? “

“ My magic is dying. If it dies I die with her. And when I’m gone, who will there be to take my place, who will be there to prevent them from killing my sister? “

Jack stares at Talia. He never knew this. She had never told anyone.

“ I just want my sister to be safe… “

She whispers. She looks tired as she’s saying that. Tired from using her magic all day, but using it for all the wrong reasons.

Then she suddenly falls unconscious, the darkness of her own magic consuming her piece by piece.

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