Leaving LIFF

This has to be one of the best coffee shops yet, Jake thought to himself. It would be even better if there was no one chasing me, he couldn’t help adding regretfully.

LIFF’s guys may come for him, but he’s managed so far. Until he took them down he wouldn’t find much peace. For now, though, he decided to enjoy the scenery.

The aroma of coffee beans filled his nose and Jake took a deep breath. The mug in his hands was warm but even hotter in his mouth. Men and women went about casually and Jake could hear the sipping of coffee, ruffle of newspapers, and gentle footsteps on the wooden floor.

What a cozy place. A shame he had to suspect and watch everyone.

People watching. Jake knew a thing or two about it. As a former assassin his senses heightened in populated areas. Leaving LIFF (not just for its silly name) came with freedom as well as the chains of suspicion. Still, Jake knew he could handle himself.

He didn’t get much time to enjoy himself, so this was a relief and he’d take all he could get. Much to Jake’s pleasure, time crawled by.

Until he saw a little girl. The small blonde was close to tears as she looked for a familiar face.

She was lost.

Jake looked around and got up to approach her. Kneeling down, he asked, “What’s your name?”

Her glistening, sky blue eyes widened. She managed, “Sophie.”

Jake nodded, “Whatcha doing out here, kiddo?”

“I saw a frisbee,” she looked down, “and I went to get it but mommy disappeared!” Sophie sobbed.

“No worries, kid,” he lifted her up to his shoulders, “We’ll find ‘em!”

An hour later and he realized the mission he’d undertaken. Lost children are outside my jurisdiction and kids aren’t my strong suit, he chastised himself. He ran his hand down his stubbed chin in frustration and looked at hopeful Sophie. Still, she needs my help.

“Sophie, what about your daddy?”

“He’s working at the post office now.”

“Let’s go there. I bet he’ll be happy to bring you back to your mom,” Jack suggested.

With directions from a local, he made his way there with Sophie riding him.

A quaint place, the post office looked uneventful. White walls and colorful flowers contrasted, soft music wafting out.


The door marked his arrival.

“Welcome!” A man with Sophie’s eyes appeared. “What can I- Sophie? Where’s mommy?”


“Apologies, sir. No need to worry. She looked lost and got separated from her mother. Good day,” Jake finished with a smile.

“Wait!” Sophie’s father took off his cap. “Thank you very much.” Sophie wrapped her little arms around Jake, and whispered shyly, “Thanks mister.”

He cleared his throat and ruffled her blond hair. “Stay outta trouble and maybe I’ll see you around.”

Evening approaching, he made his way back to the hotel. On the last turn he sensed the dreaded eyes of LIFF agents. Jake sighed. Back on the run. He’d have to remember that coffee place and Sophie when he came back.

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