Youth vs Old

Oops it’s 10:30 in the morning I overslept again n missed school. It’s time for me to replace my stupid alarm clock. Boy looks at his phone thinks of calling his friend but figures he’s at school. Guy looks at the window see’s his neighbor reading newspaper sitting in the balcony. Boy to keep himself entertained and annoy the neighbor turns on the tv and plays loud music. Neighbor couldn’t take it anymore after 15 mins and goes inside. After noticing neighbor ‘s gone. Boy comes home looking for him. He asks neighbor did I ruin your peaceful time. Neighbor explains no one can ruin my peace except me. I just got inside to have my orange juice. Boy wonders and asks him how did you manage to achieve that. Neighbor explains I found my spiritual journey after being like you for the first 30 years of my life.

Then one day I stopped enjoying myself and feeling lost inside. I came across some books and started reading more about being mindfulness which helped me achieve peace within me. You will get there at some point in your life. Just wait for it.

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