Madly, Truly, Toxic

At the end of my resistance

I guess we blamed the distance

For the lack of love’s existence

I suppose it made no difference

And at the end of my line

You said that we were fine

But I still drifted away

I think back to those better days

I soaked in your favour and yet

Our love was a labour

That you never seemed to work

Even when I played the jerk

Until my working days were gone

In the end we both were wrong

I sang in silence

You never picked up the song

Even after all your effort

Even when it came too late

We were destined to be, never

Oh you made me feel insane…

You said you loved me

I was perfect

But you hid me like a stain

Now I’m painting over pictures

Photos I swore would never change

Of you carved into my brain

You made me feel real

Even as I withered in my head

And you thought that I had resigned

While my brain was dying in my bed

I guess it was too much to hope

Before I left this empty house

After days screaming out your name…

That you might seek me out

It’s not that I just couldn’t see it

Not that I miss your smile

It just that for once I want the last word

Just once in awhile

It’s quiet now you’re gone

And even if we were both users

I still see your favourite band, your colour

Don’t know if I was abused or abuser

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