My Own

I huffed, blowing away a strand of hair.

I’ve been stuck in this stupid castle for the longest time and no prince or knight wanted to rescue me.

I glanced at the sleeping dragon, I have to do everything myself.

As the sun crept up, I grabbed the nearest sword. The dragon roared,

I screamed back, bearing the sword the way all the other knights have.


I stared the corpse. Blood covered my hair and face, my clothes ragged and ripped.

I swung the sword one last time over its neck.

Hiding its head in my bag.

That was easy, I wonder why everyone talks like it’s a huge deal.

I kicked of my heels as I walked along the stone path,

“The princess, has returned!” The people clapped and surrounded me in joy.

“Your highness!” They all crowded and bowed,

“Where is the prince that save you?” A hushed silence spread through.

“Where is the King and Queen?” I asked the nearest person,

“My highness, I’m sorry to say the Queen Meredith has passed. The council has taken charge as we waited for your return.” They bowed,

No wonder, those greedy pigs probably didn’t want me to come back at all. My father probably doesn’t want to see me at all.

“Tell them I’m back, and I demand my crown.”

“What of your prince?” I scoffed, “there was no prince.” I marched up the steps where the council waited, they gave me disapproving stares.

“Your highness! We’re so — glad so see you have returned! Pray tell where the prince or knight that has rescued your highness.”

I straightened my back, feeling the crowds already forming. I tipped back my chin,

“There was none. I have slayed the great dragon myself.”

A silence was suddenly broken up by laughs from the council and crowd.

“You? Your highness, you are a woman, how could you possibly do that?”

In fury, I flung the dragons head over their feet.

“I have! I now demand my throne! I’ll gladly go through any of you pathetic men to do it!“ I swung the door open as they crowded around.

“Your highness! Reconsider!”

“Please your highness!”

“Your father the King is still-“

I swung the door of the throne room.

My dad stared coldly,

“Daughter, you’ve come back.”

“I demand the throne.” He laughed,

“I will not step down, and you are a woman,”

“I AM! And I demand my throne! Your not worthy of that crown!” He smirked, “And what will you do?”

I grabbed the sword from one of the knights.

His blood was now running down the throne and stairs.

With bloody hands I picked up his head, swiftly grabbing the crown and placing it on my head.

“Do any of you object?” I asked, pushing off his dead body to the floor.

I glanced at the shocked guards and horrified council.

“No? Good, let’s get to business.”

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