I watch you dance

Your short curls flowing with your grace

Your expression unwavered by the hundreds of faces

I watch you enviously

Your unmatched work jumps at my vision

The way your adorable grin smears across your face

The joy you bring to the world puts the sun to shame

I sit siliently…Waiting… Watching

Dancing in the background of your shadow

You can see me,

if you tried

And you have

The small note I received in the cold dark winter day, bringing the warm summer feeling to my stomach shows it

The few words you speak of me throughout the year just solidifies the permanence of the butterflies flirting around the stage

Others have claimed you as the ugly duckling

How wrong they are.

Your misty eyes pierce through the air, sending a chill down my very spine.

Even when curled up in the corner of the room

Your presence never fails to overwhelm the atmosphere with a calmness.

I search for you

In between the pages of my favourite book,

Or between grocery isles

Or in the sky, my vision illuminated by the moon, whose existence is crucial to the weather of the earth, as you are to my perception to self.

Even behind your shadow I feel my self grow,

A spotlight in the waves of the curtains,

I dance for myself

And I dance with you

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