Whats Up?

“So how was work,” Tess asked, keeping a nonchalant face and pondering about her own affairs.

“You know just normal veterinarian things,” Sarah replied, secretly scratching blood off her hand.

“Mhm,” Tess muttered, trying to figure out if she will be able to pass security for her next mission.

“So is your boss still mean,” Sarah asked trying to seem less suspicious.

“He will always be mean,” Tess says, noticing the blood building in her fingernails. Her face turns sour wondering where the blood is coming from.

“Oh uh I cut myself and forgot to wash my hands,” Sarah chuckles, her palms start to sweat.

“Oh, but isn’t that a safety hazard,” Tess asks, trying to get some inside view.

“Oh yeah I had to rush out of work today,” Sarah answers, trying her best not to avoid Tess’s eyes. “Ah well this is my stop, bye Tess,” She says, sprinting up to her door.

“Uh bye,” Tess yells, as the door slams. She considers Sarah as a government enemy but dismisses the thought considering her reaction to the blood question.

— Little did they know that both of them are government spy’s. And soon will they realize that they work for the same boss —

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