The Will

The will. It lays in the lawyers hands like a block of gold. It IS a bar of gold, at least to me,

I know father and mother left me the most, we all know it. I see the jealousy in the eyes of my sibilings.

“ Are we all ready?” The lawyer asks

“ Yes!” I accidently shout

“ Okay then…” he starts reading

80 thousand to Jack, the oldest and the forgotten

30 thousend to Lila, the second oldest and the least favorite. I think even that pitiful amount was too generous.

100 thousend to Stacey, The average. My father and mother liked her but not as much as me.

Down the line of my 7 sibilings. Some thousands, some millions, all depending on how liked they were.

I wait. If they all got this much, Imagine how much I will get!

The last of my sibilings. I wait for me with anticipation.

“ Okay we are all wrapped up! See everyone at the next meeting. We have some more things to work out.”

My sibilings start leaving. What happened? There must be a mistake.

“ Hey! There MUST be a mistake. I was not called in the will. The name is Henry.”

The lawyer looks through the will.

“ I am sorry, but nothing.”




How? I am the favorite, we all know.

I scream

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