Neighbors Over The Mountain

I rolled through Glenhaven today

For my first time after the flood

I could not go there before

It all came back

Tears fell from my eyes

The damage remains

Like a trauma I’ve lived through

Ten years

The time is insignificant

Remains of the rivers embankment

Massive Boulders mar the landscape

I bowed my head in mourning

Roads repaired after washing with the river

Made whole again once more

Mobility and movement restored

Communities coming apart

And regrouping

Kindness and fellowship replace dispare

On commemoration I’m alone

I will not gather

I cannot bear the pain

I never imagined water could churn

Lives upside down

My insides jagged and wounded

In flood and fire I lost my nievety

The mountains are unsettled and I am too

I can never rest here or there

I rolled through Glenhaven today

The landscape is not as I remember

I am as scarred as the landscape..

I am still here…but absent

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