Judas lived among the disciples of Jesus. He followed Jesus then the devil came upon him and gave him the desire to be rich.

One night he ran into some church leaders. They said,” Judas we’ll give you thirty pieces of silver if you point Jesus out to us.”

Judas said, “Wow! Sure. I’ll show him to you by giving him a kiss on Friday evening after my supper with Jesus.”

The disciples met with Jesus and as they entered the upper room Jesus washed their feet. Then they ate supper together. Jesus knew Judas agreed to betray him. After supper Jesus said, “Judas go do what you have to do.” The rest of the disciples thought Judas was going to do his treasurer work.

Judas left to meet the church leaders. He and the church leaders found Jesus in a crowd. Then Judas approached Jesus and kissed him.

The church leaders met to make plans to kill Jesus. Then they bound Jesus and took him to Pilate. Later Judas realized they were going to kill Jesus and he felt guilty. He took the thirty pieces of silver back to the church leaders and said,” I have sinned; I have betrayed an innocent man!”

Then Judas threw the coins down and hug himself. The church leaders took the money and bought a field and called it potters field. They didn’t feel the money should go to the church.

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