Broken Supports…

If you want something done right,

you have to do it yourself.

No one else will give enough thought to help you with what you need done- a rush job, they’ll do. Fix it just to break it. Build it up just to watch it burn…


“Mend me, please-

I need you…”

So pick me up.

Lay me out on a table.

Glue each piece back,

Wrap each wound…

Then break me up.

Shatter me a million times.

Bust every seam and stitch…

Choke me out, scream and yell.

Mend me, please-

No, no one can.

Glue melts in the flame.

Measly holds and

broken supports.

Hatred leaks and

broken hearts.

Hate me-

Hate me with all your heart.

Because you once loved…

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