Bad Santa - Unfinished - 12/25/21

Everyone has heard the stories of the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge, but that's all they are stories. I'll tell you the true story, the one that inspired them all. This story has many names,

плохой Санта, slechte kerstman, mala Santa, but they all translate to Bad Santa. It was a few years after the poem "T'was the Night Before Christmas" was published in 1823, it was 1826, a man named Walter hated Christams because his mom had died the day before Christmas a year earlier. On the first day of Christmas Walter came up with a plan to make everyone as miserable as him, to steal Christmas. On the 12th night of Christmas he dressed up as Santa, grabbed a few large bags, and rolled a big wagon south to town, He went in every house and store "Christmas". He took everything that had to do with Christmas. After he took from the houses he went to town center, hall, hall and church and took everything. He then hauled the full wagon back to his mansion and put it in his yard. The next day a little girl came to his house to ask if he had any

Author’s Note: I have multiple other unfinished stories I will be posting and this is the only one I do not want feedback on. The reason is because I wrote this several years ago and I know that I am much better and after this I took a break of writing these prompts. The next time I wrote a prompt from here was about a year and a half later so I know I have grown and would like feedback on how to improve my current writing rather than my old. I also want feedback on all my other writing but keep in mind if you post constructive criticism on my older writings (anything before Haunting Insecurities) I will keep it in mind, but I most likely have already learned to fix that part of my writing. Thank you.

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