The Padlocked Door

There’s a light floating outside of my room.

Teasing me, luring me. I tell myself to ignore it, but my senses betray me.

A padlocked door is the only thing keeping me from the ‘outside’

I try so hard to not give in; hoping that whatever’s out there is not a bad thing.

Out from the comforts of my room awaits an unfamiliar world,

away from the restraint and the tedium.

The light calls out to me. Should, I maybe unlock the door?

My room had kept me safe for as long as I can remember.

But my room has kept me away from the things that I cherish.

If I leave it now, would it really make that much of a difference?

Maybe, it’s time for me to unlock the door.

But if I go into the light, would that really be enough to set me free?

I’ll forever be stuck in a room; there was never really an escape for me.

Should I even bother unlocking the door?

But what if the light is deceiving me?

That there was never even a chance of freedom for me?

Maybe I shouldn’t even bother unlocking the door.

Here, I sit in the comforts of my room.

Helping me, suppressing me. I tell myself that everything’s fine, but my thoughts betray me.

A padlocked door is the only thing standing between me and the outside.

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