Cat And Hooman Chronicles Pt 3

(Ilies pov- but if you couldn’t tell from those first two, she can basically understand cat, so I’m not doing the 2 parts for each pov 🫠🥲)

(Cat is in cat tongue btw- it can’t actually speak English)

Cat- *pounces on Ilie, claws unsheathed*

Hooman- Owwww! Mercy! Please Master Duck!

“You will bow on you knees, for I am your king!”

Yes! Yes! *gets up and bows, hands and face touching floor exaggerated*

“I’m bored now.”

Oh c’mon! You’re always bored- that’s like what you were born to be.”

Mother- ^Honey! Who are you talking to?^

Oh- umn, no one mum!

^Alright! I’m off to work, you’ll be home alone till tomorrow morning, I’ve a long shift!^

Alright Mum! Goodbye, see you later!

“Your mom is so obnoxious, she speaks to me like I’m a baby” *starts to groom*

Yeah- since well, you are technically still only six months old. *I state, flopping onto my bed with an exaggerated sigh*

“True. NOW BOW TO ME FEEBLE HOOMAN!” *Attacks Ilie again, claws sheathed this times*

Alright! You win! *falls down into a bow, Duck batting Ilies hair as she lays there*

(I’ve had this written for the past few days💀

I just passed my limit of five pieces yesterday.)

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