Lush Lona’s robotics dealership

No one has a way with customers like Lona does. She works at a robotics dealership and anybody that walks in through that doorway is guaranteed to buy something that day, Lona makes sure of it.

I stalked around outside the dealership for a moment and peered through the windows to see if she was working with a customer. She was sitting behind the front desk of the shop writing something down. Her curly hair was not a strand out of place, and her delicate porcelain mask, all colour and swirls sat over her eyes and covered half of the dark skin of her forehead. I stalked inside, a little bell above the door rang to signal my presence. She looked up from her paper and raised a brow, as to say, “why are you here?” I walked up to the desk and leaned on it with both hands. “I have a proposition for you Lush.” Everybody in Ketchtown had a personalised mask and alias, Lona’s being Lush, because people from Ketchtown didn’t want to be known, because most of us were at risk of being, or already in trouble with the authorities. It was a big deal to reveal your real name and identity to somebody, but me and Lona have practically known each other since birth. “And what would that be boy, You up to no good again?” She said with a condescending smile. Lona liked to act like she was older than me despite us only being born five days apart. And God, did she hold those five days against me. “You seem to think so low of me, I’m hurt.” I held my hand over my heart for added effect. “After all I’ve done for you Lush, The amount of times I’ve looked after Maggie for you while your at work? You know I hate that dog, and it’s only because it hates me.” She glared at me and scoffed “my three year old nephew could take better care of Maggie than you boy.” She picked up her pen and started writing again. “Well maybe I could take better care of that thing if I had two working arms.” She looked at me like I was insane. “Boy, you do have two working arms! Unless..” She sighed “that’s why you’re here isn’t it? You’ve broken your prosthetic and you want me to fix it, and you’ve only came to me because you think I’ll do some sort of cheaper deal because we’re close?” I looked at her pleadingly, “please, please, please Lush, I swear it’s just this once. I mean, you don’t even know what it’s like to live without two normal working arms.” She stared at me for a while, clearly contemplating on whether to help me out or not. “Alright boy, but only this once! Don’t expect this treatment again.” She affirmed her statement with a point in my direction and lead me through to the back where repairs were done.