She grinned, the cold air rushing through her tangled brown hair. The horse, steadily increasing speed. She crouches on the saddle feeling the rythm of the hooves, feeling the familiar sensation of her horse koda. her bare feet cool against the leather.The audience watches intently, children watching in anticipation. Slowly the girl extends her legs standing on the white speckled horse. She drops the reigns and the horse slows to a walk, trotting around the ring, the warm sunset shines a golden light on the girl’s smile. Slowly she transfers her weight to her hands, kicking her feet in the air, her spine curving over her head, feet dangling over her face. Koda still at a steady trot.

Amidst the roaring applause, a silent tear fell, reflecting the untold story she could never tell.

She sat back down on the saddle, suddenly reminded of her home.

As she brings Koda back to the trailer, she strokes his head.

“You’re the only one I’ve got left.”

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