Heartache Covered In Snowflakes

That winter night was the worst. The pain that I felt before he left and after isn’t possible to explain. Not completely anyway. When he left and never came back the pain in my chest was the worst. I was crying so much that I couldnt anymore. The pain was too much for me too bare. I didnt want to keep living without him there. Him leaving and knowing he’ll comr back would’ve been better. But I have no clue if he’ll ever come back. He didnt even say goodbye to me before he left. If he isnt careful he might never get the chance to either. I was at the local park alone, in the dark. The dim orange lights from the street lamps reflecting off the wet concrete. I sat down on a bench, trying to take everything that just happened in. I tried my best to process what he told me, but no matter how hard I thought about it. The only thing it did was make me more upset, the cold breezing causing my fingers to slow my typing as I tried responding to his messages. He was pleading, apologizing and trying to reasure me that it would all be okay. But that was a lie, and I knew that. He knew I knew that, which is why he kept trying. Eventually my tears hit the screen of my phone, my shoulders began to tremble from me trying to stay as quiet as possible. My nose running even more than before. I dropped my phone onto the ground below, snowflakes beginning to hit the screen and slowly cover it in white flakes. I covered my face as I began to scream and yell in my head. My tears flooding my face like a water fall. I felt like the world around me was falling apart, like it was crumbling all around me. Before I knew it, this heartache I was feeling was covered in snowflakes.

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