I wake up to the color red.

The sky is painted with bits of red.

When the sky’s awake the day is awake.

The sunrise indicates a new beginning.

The yellow of the sun shining through the clouds.

Represent happiness for the day.

The pink that are coated into the clouds.

Represent the memories that happened the day before.

The brisk of dark blue above the sun is the end of yesterday.

The sky’s awake.

The sun wakes up.

The sun wakes up to a beautiful planet.

Some say sunsets are the best.

Sunsets indicate the end of the day.

End of mistakes.

End of happy memories.

The sunrise is the start of the day.

New mistakes.

New memories.

New plans.

The start of the day is the start of a new born child.

The sunrise wakes the baby from slumber.

The sunrise wakes the world from slumber.

The sun is awake.

The sun is slowly peaking through the clouds.

The sun shines through the night sky.

Colors burst through the clouds.





Colors that bring the world beauty.

Colors that bring life to the world.

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