Today We Are Flowers

“The most vivid memory I have from when I was little,”

I tell my seven year old nice, “is really when I was just your age!” She giggles and I smile.

“let’s see… your mama was about twelve if I remember correctly, and we were out in the meadow playing as we usually did.

That day we had decided to play flowers,

And had just figured ( after some heated arguments about who would be what flower)

That we should be the flowers we were named after. (Now I’m surprised we didn’t think of it faster)

Anyway, it was fairly early, so we were still waiting for the sun to fully rise.

I remember thinking how beautiful Trilliam was. I think I stared at her for a full five minutes, admiring her! The silhouette of her dark hair turned golden with the sunrise behind her, and her blue eyes sparkled at the prospect of a knew game.

“Auntie, what does prospect mean?” Jubilee interrupted “well, I guess it’s kind of like something that might happen that is exciting. May I continue? “ jubilee nodded.

”once the sun was fully up, we started searching for the best place to start our game. she ran into the Fields, I wandered into the woods. Not knowing quite where to start, I laid down on the firm ground. Staring up into the lush life above me, I wondered if this was what a real rose felt like. The grass for a bed, the sky for my blanket.

There was only time for one curious breath. for Just than, my sister runs to me panting, her cheeks rosy like my name. I found the perfect place! She whispered excitedly. So I followed her all the way across the rolling hills to a leafy circle of trees I had never seen before. We tiptoed in, and I gasped. It was like a perfect dome of leaves, shining shapes onto the moss like stained glass. Like emerald stained glass.

And I almost tripped on the best rose I had ever seen! The grass for her bed, the sky for her blanket.

I don’t remember much of the day after that I’m afraid” I finish “ but it was magical“

at some point during the story, Jubilee had climbed up on my lap and is now staring silently into my eyes “ I need to find that Rose“

She whispers.

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