Purple Puddles

You were a stranger

Taking shelter from the rain

Not sensing any danger

I asked you when was the next train

You said ten minutes, maybe five

Then you asked me for a light

Watching the rain I felt alive

Lighting your cigarette that night

Red and blue lights pooled together

Making purple puddles dance

We stood swaying with the weather

I felt the fire of your glance

I looked over to meet your eyes

You started whistling a tune

My mouth opened in surprise

You said “your train is coming soon”

“The rain is kind of nice to watch”

You nodded and said “It is.

Would you want to take it up a notch?

Where are you headed after this?”

Puzzed, I said “I’m headed home.

But I’m intrigued, what do you mean?”

“Rain’s nicer with coffee, sugar and foam.

In warm seats, behind a window screen.”

“That’s true,” I said “I’m not in any rush.

There’s a cute cafe on the next street.”

I held out my umbrella and saw you blush

So we locked arms and aligned our feet

We found a pace and walked in step

Exchanging names and little quips

You said I walked with lots of pep

I laughed at the smile on your lips

In the heart of the city

Under the neon lights

Our paths crossed in lines so pretty

Igniting endless magic nights

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